The King and the Queen

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One Man’s Dream

I Am Eric King, not “King ______” No Blood Line, No Family, No Friends. Only G.O.D. Music, My Team, My Dream, My Legacy. I Will Not Lose!

"Artists Change The World Because They Create Their World"

- Emperor Esus

Creation Vs. Evolution

The idea of having to explain the undeniable, the mystery, the undefined, the beauty, the joy, the heart, the honor, the imagination and Magic of Creation has my blood curving into iron cup. I can’t stress this enough, I Am God. I’ve said it before but maybe they’re not hearing me, “YOU ARE GOD” we are all Gods because we are artists. Born Free, we were broken mentally by the cynical, pessimistic, bitter fools, dweebs known as ‘Human Beings’. It’s manically altering to actually begin this debate but oh well, where shall I begin? Listen, I’ve never read The Bible, and I don’t intend to so I won’t pretend to understand the inner workings of scripture, my goal is to enlighten my experience. God has always been there for me, God (Man or Woman) Spirit in facts… God have me power, dream, belief, force of will, gave me everything I prayed for. I can feel it all around me, every time I break down existence, every time I stand up, my stance alone is God given, and even though I sin, and make mistake after mistake….. God has and never will leave my side. If you can’t understand that, then stay away from me. I will attempt to explain further so bare with me. Whether or not God created existence, life as we know it or is responsible for The Big Bang Theory or even Evolution itself, is completely irrelevant to the struggle here on earth. The reality is, Human Beings are responsible for what will and has always transpired here on earth, WE’RE TO BLAME, we’ve caused wars, abortion, torture etc. It bothers me when people say, well “If God Existed, then Why Would This Happen or This Happen and Why, Why, Why?” Why not look in the mirror? Do it, be brave, embrace your own flaws and sin and finally come to the conclusion then you did this to yourself, to your friends, to your family and they’ve done it to you, whether in return or from the beginning or passed down hereditary. We are everything, and the sooner people realize they’re power for good or for bad the world will begin to transfix into eternity. No one’s opinion matters at this point of the game, My relationship to God is a personal one so I won’t attempt to defend it to non believers, but Art, Music, Creation,…. these are the ideas and tools that fuel generations, empires would started for less and countries were burned for more. A Woman did NOT evolve from a beast, The flower that blooms was executed by passed generations fused from Creativity, sit back and analyze that, then we can begin the second phase of the conversation.

The Promise

The first song on my upcoming album will explain everything, for now I must get this off my chest. There’s a method to my madness, there’s a reason for my inevitable chronic dissatisfaction factor to kick in every once in a while, lol… however I agree in the past it has gotten completely out of hand. Look, here’s the deal… for the past 3 or 4 years I’ve been working on instrumentals that needed to be perfected, and because of the major and immense amount of sampling in these beats, my mind was paranoid enough to actually steer a nigga out of orbit, and for that I will apologize. Looking back at it I realize how unbelievably hilarious and absurd it really was and currently still is, whenever my twisted queen mind decides to rear it’s evil head..,. (metaphorically of course) I was being a little bitch! I MEAN, WHO FUCKING CARES ABOUT CLEARING SAMPLES ANS SHIT LIKE THAT, ESPECIALLY NOW, RIGHT NOW! MY NUMBER ONE GOAL SHOULD ALWAYS BE TO REACH THE PEOPLE AND SINCE WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER I WILL TRY MY HARDEST TO CLEAR THE SAMPLES SO I CAN HAVE THIS UPCOMING MASTERPIECE, IN STORES SO IT CAN BE IN YOUR HANDS, YOUR HOMES, YOUR MP3 PLAYERS, WHATEVER, WHEREVER, FOREVER FORNEVER. All I want to say is that, I’m making a promise. A promise to myself, but more importantly.. a promise to the fans, all of my die hard fans who’ve been there for me even when I was too weak to believe in myself. Last year was the worst year of my life.. because for the first time in my life, I actually become a little cynical, (which is the worst thing you can be in this life) and for that I will never forgive myself. This year is different though and even with the early mistakes I’ve finally come into my own, worked on those skeleton versions tooth and bone and made sure every last drop of this project was picture perfect so that you could have a body of work that will last forever and mean something to you and your families for generations to come/ I will change this world! One way or another, when it’s all said and done my mark will echo legions. I am the Dragonborn, I will maximize the potential of technology to deliver Performance Art at it’s highest level. Fashion, Music, Design, Dreams, Poetry all rolled into electrical film. Everything, I am EVERYTHING! I’ll never forget that faithful day, (back when I was still at college)_first one I fucking, I remember actually being the leader of that seminar for the gateway to college program. one of the many Bill Gates malfunctions lol, and boy was that a mistake. I actually tried to motivate these foolish mortals, zombies to be more specific… anyways let me get to the story, every single member of the group was leader for a week or some shit like that, and I happened to be the leader for this specific week and I tried my hardest ya’ll, I really did. I actually thought that if you chose to do it the right way and actually inspire people in an uplifting/positive way, that it would actually get through to them somehow, but ah.. no go lol (Fez Voice). The topic of my choosing was “Dreams” and the first thing one of the zombies said was “You mean when you go to sleep”? (Jim Jones Voice) lol hahahahaha I almost had a fucking heart attack lol! They actually missed the entire point of my POWER POINT lol get it? I was referring to our “Dream” you know? The purpose of existence, our ambition in life, our dreams, the things that keep us UP at night, not DOWN or asleep! WHOOO am I energized or what, What?????? I will never understand the human race, thank god I am a god! I just want us all to be Greater, I want the world to dream out loud in color, in 3d, whatever it takes, BIG BOLD RED LETTERS THAT SPELL OUT KIDS

"Some People Can’t Be Saved"

- Home

24 (Sign of Destiny)

Ever since The Legendary Kobe Bryant changed his number from #8 to #24 I have been etched in his ultimate communication, our connection has been inseparable. He has always been my hero, even as far back as afro days, number 8 days lol… however our union has improved 10 fold because of his new-found ambition. An even stronger ambition, to become The Greatest To Ever Do It! He will maximize every second, every minute.. all 24 hours of the day. To make things more clear I will explain once again, in great detail.

"Every time something real happens in my life, I see the number 24! It’s my sign of destiny, this is who I am Kobe Bryant of this rap shit!!!"

Eric King’s Top 5 Greatest Rappers of All Time

1. The Notorious B.I.G.
2. Nas
3. Eminem
4. Jay-Z
5. Big L

True Love Romance

Love Is The Only Thing That Matters. In the end this is as true as death, we must relinquish our fears and desecrate the position, the current hostile, cynical, negative, pessimistic position. Love is forever, fornever… until the opportunity strikes and eyes meet as if crossroads were destined for levitation greets. I love you, this is reality, I’ve lied to you and almost everyone else I know to cover up and compensate for something abysmal, this is fact. As human beings we often choose the wrong thing because it’s easier, much more difficult to be who you are. In every sense of the stance, to be who you are in this world is suicide, because the way it is is never the way it is, or should be for that matter. Love, Life.. every moment is a snapshot of ultimate possibility, I think about it every day. The dim lights of depression overshadow the gradient of the watermarks in the gray, light my colorway runway love the world Queen of the net. I want to find you, I want someone aligned with me, the stars are out tonight, I know you can feel the energy! I want someone like me, unlike me, someone who likes me for me genuinely, someone who loves me unconditionally, someone who appreciates life, someone who loves themselves enough to ignore jealousy and the many destructive qualities of self doubt, insecurity and loneliness. I’ve been alone for far too long, too long to remember, one day is all I can say, February back to December. Love is the art that binds us together, the glue that permeates the tender, the tether bones that artifact our gender

The King and the Queen

Tears of Joy and Beauty, fight for me.

"When The Future Is Awoken The Still Life Is Demoralized, A Sight In Which Our Canvas Is Canteen To Riverside.. If The Truth Is Revealed? I Die, Die for Art (A Beautiful Sacrifice)"

Give me love or give me death, either way I am left. What is it to live for dweebs and bow down to positions of purgatory screens./ I am The King. Listen for these words not know how I bare, claws and descriptions understand our mare. I wish to exist with you now after failed attempt after exempt. I am finally free of this, these chains around the ankle God. Once I make it I shall fuck every bitch I see, must be bad though no time for good. GOD MUSIC only, Bad Bitches only, Everlasting Riches only. Nigga, finna get paid then Change The World. I am never compromising only sacrificing, time is running out and I’m enjoying ever second of it. As reality twinkles, fantasy nip slips through and I stop making sense only sense. Since, cents is compliments of devil tents I stick through the wilderness of knights and morning dew, True.